Blog: Benefits of a Community Garden [Infographic]


With the popularity of urban agriculture on the rise, community gardens are becoming more common in neighborhoods within the city of Edmonton limits with the help of Sustainable Food Edmonton (SFE).

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a group of people coming together to nurture, develop, and sustain a growing space in their community. There are currently over 90 community garden sites in the capital region!

What are the Benefits of a Community Garden?

There are many benefits of a community garden including:

  • Beautification of neighbourhoods
  • Fresh and organic food production
  • Community building
  • Healthy recreation for all ages

Sustainable Food Edmonton’s vision is to have a community garden in every neighbourhood.

SFE can help you in the following ways:

  • Funding
    • SFE provides over $30,000 in grants to help start, expand, renovate, or renew community gardens within the city of Edmonton limits
  • Resources
    • SFE will connect you with other community gardens allowing members to share knowledge and experiences
  • Support
    • Have a question? Need encouragement? SFE can assist you with all of your community garden needs.

Start Gardening!

Want to learn more about starting your own community garden? Visit SFE’s website or email


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