Persona Profile

About the assignment

I created a persona as part of a digital marketing communications plan for a nonprofit organization called Sustainable Food Edmonton.

Persona: Teresa Hawkins

Geographics & Demographics

• Female
• Age: 31
• Marital Status: Single
• Racial identity: White (Caucasian)
• Language: English speaking
• Employment: Social worker at a women’s shelter
• Income: $60,000
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
• Religion: Spiritual but not religious
• Social Media: Most active on Facebook and Blogspot


Teresa is a young professional who is passionate about her community, organic food and supporting local businesses. When she’s not grabbing a chai tea at her local coffee shop, she’s usually at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning or biking the trails in the river valley. Teresa enjoys cooking and is constantly trying out new vegetarian recipes while entertaining guests. She recently purchased a condominium in the neighbourhood of Ambleside, located in southwest Edmonton. Not having a backyard has been difficult for Teresa. Growing up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan, she has learned the value of growing organic fruits and vegetables to feed the whole family. One of her new neighbours mentioned that Ambleside has communal patches of land that are set aside for community groups who are wanting to start projects such as community gardens.


Teresa spends a fair amount of her free time on Facebook. She likes to keep in touch with her friends and family living in Saskatchewan and follows several local organizations to keep current on upcoming events and new products. Teresa posts at least once a day, sharing a post that she finds interesting or a picture of her bike ride in the river valley. If her friends post something funny, she’ll be the first to like, comment, and share it on Facebook. Teresa is also a loyal follower of the local blog, “Gardening with Jess” and has dreams of starting her own blog about Ambleside’s community garden someday.

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